“Hiding In Plain Sight”   © Clara Vannucci

Once again, Donna Ferrato will be offering her workshops to a select group of photographers. Coming in September and November 2011, Ferrato will offer workshops designed to equip the activist inclined photographer, with tools needed to produce work, which ignites social change. The click of the shutter is just the beginning.

Prepare to be pushed by one of documentary photography’s most provocative forces. In 2011, Ferrato will offer first of their kind, weeklong workshops of empowered photography for serious minded individuals.

Each workshop is an arena where you can freely express yourself, understand and learn how to capture life’s journey at its best angle. You will learn to shoot instinctively and without reservation, and, find the courage to define the theme of your own work.

Upcoming Workshops:

EROTICISM WORKSHOP : December 2-4 & 9-11, 2011 


Past Workshops:


9/11 TERRORISM WORKSHOP: 9/7/11 – 9/13/11