In nineteen ninety-six I went South to find peace and raise my kid far away from the “maddening crowd”. Tribeca was out there, past Canal St going south sharing borders with the Hudson River, Wall Street, Chinatown. The last frontier. It still had the veneer of the old world and yet, all renegade. I found a spot on Leonard St across from Provenzano Parking Garage (circa 1972) in a building that had been abandoned. In the old days, it was a fine metal foundry. I still have the workers' signatures and drawings on my brick walls. I’ve watched the changes often from the rooftops. Whenever I wanted. I would fly onto the rooftops in the neighborhood to get rare bird-eye images. Being a witness to change is in my blood. Small buildings coming down. Parking lots going out. Skyscrapers and luxury condos going up. All kinds of people make up the tribes below Canal. With every generation comes big change.

In 2022 we founded the 10013 Tribeca Foundation with the mission to celebrate the historical importance of the Tribeca neighborhood in New York while raising awareness about local issues and encouraging a lively arts community. The Tribeca portfolio is one facet of this project. 10013 Tribeca Foundation is a registered 501(c)3. All contributions, gifts, and donations are tax-deductible.


Since 2008, I’ve created a special limited-edition collection of photographs made over two to three years. These pictures create a portrait of an iconic neighborhood in transition. The 2016 portfolio box is made of soft black leather on the outside and the inside. Each box is embossed with the buyer’s or family’s name. Each portfolio box has 13 silver gelatin prints, 11” x 14”, made by Griffin Editions, a world-renowned fine art photographic printer. All prints are de-embossed with the “10013” logo, signed, and numbered on verso. Each collection includes a family portrait made by Donna Ferrato at a landmark Tribeca location. And each box has a recent self-portrait.

Only 13 portfolios are made.

Portfolios are available for purchase here or email to learn more about past and future portfolios.


Donna Ferrato Photography

Donna Ferrato is an internationally-known documentary photographer. Photographer, activist, photojournalist. Living with the Enemy, Love & Lust, TriBeCa, Erotic Eye, Workshops, New York City-based. Stories of domestic violence and abuse, gender-based violence, women's rights, trans and transgender rights, portraits, rock'n'roll, guns'n'roses, nirvana
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