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Before the old marquees of Times Square were demolished, conceptual artist Jenny Holzer had this installation on 42nd Street. New York City, New York, 1993

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donna ferrato
Sep 9, 2020
Location: IUPUI
As HOLY, the book, is being printed in Italy, HOLY, the show, has landed on American soil. Donna Ferrato is honored to be featured at the Herron Galleries, Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN.

"Donna Ferrato's Holy" is the culmination of a 50-year trip across the U.S. and beyond. HOLY follows Ferrato's journey from the sexual revolution of the '60s through the #MeToo era. This work, as noted by LIFE Magazine writer and co-collaborator, Claudia G Dowling, "is built on the strength of that other holy trinity -- the mother, the daughter and the others who believe in women." For Ferrato, "Holy" is her answer as a crusader for women's rights, using the medium of photography as an agent for change. While some of the photographs found in the exhibition are confrontational, many are celebratory in a spirit that speaks to the power of women as creators and nurturers of life.

The exhibition is free and open to the public. It will be on display until Oct. 17, as well as virtually. A virtual reception with Ferrato, will take place via Zoom from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Sept. 10. Advance registration is required. To register, visit

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Donna Ferrato Photography

Donna Ferrato is an internationally-known documentary photographer. Photographer, activist, photojournalist. Living with the Enemy, Love & Lust, TriBeCa, Erotic Eye, Workshops, New York City-based. Stories of domestic violence and abuse, gender-based violence, women's rights, trans and transgender rights, portraits, rock'n'roll, guns'n'roses, nirvana
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