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Protect Yo Heart, West Broadway, 2015 

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PRINT SALE - Fundraiser for Sanctuary
donna ferrato
Apr 10, 2020
Location: New York City
Dear Folks

Thanks for the awesome response to our fundraiser.  However, I feel your help will be more effective if we help others now shut-in with their so-called loved ones. We formed an alliance with Sanctuary For Families, an NYC organization, dedicated to the safety, healing, and self-determination of victims of domestic violence, and related forms of gender violence. ( I hope you will continue to support our efforts.

Each photograph you buy will be personally printed by me, signed and sent within 2 weeks, 50% of the proceeds go to support Sanctuary for Families.  I have been personally committed to using my photographs to raise money and awareness to help battered women and abused children - and they need our help more than ever right now.
This is an unprecedented offer to have a piece of Tribeca’s history living in your own place.  Tell your friends.

Due to popular demand, we are offering options with various sizes for each photograph. Also please note that every edition is limited to 25. When an image is sold out, a new one will replace it. Collect them all!  
After 9/11 Tribeca came together and came back stronger than before. I am optimistic that this time we will come back even stronger but only by working together.
Thank you to everyone who is already waiting to receive their Tribeca photograph in the mail. It's coming! Until then, please stay out of harm's way.
Feel good. Do good.
Donna Ferrato

Following is the direct link to the print sale page.
Donna Ferrato Photography , Fundraiser for Coronavirus Outreach
Tribeca Print Sale to Support NYC Health System

Donna Ferrato Photography

Donna Ferrato is an internationally-known documentary photographer. Photographer, activist, photojournalist. Living with the Enemy, Love & Lust, TriBeCa, Erotic Eye, Workshops, New York City-based. Stories of domestic violence and abuse, gender-based violence, women's rights, trans and transgender rights, portraits, rock'n'roll, guns'n'roses, nirvana
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